Pandora(PNDR) Token is available for trade on Pancakeswap. Token contract address is 0x6c1eFbEd2F57dd486Ec091dFfd08eE5235A570b1

Real-world assets to


Bridge the gap between Off-chain assets
and on-chain ecosystem.

We envision the transaction of real-world assets on the trustless platform in a borderless
economy. Our scalable, interoperable and high throughput infrastructure allows asset owners
to convert their real-world illiquid asset to a liquid state.

Asset Tokenisation

Convert your real assets into digital ones using NFTs with our unique and innovative approach.


The Pi-NFTs are backed with real-world value assets to yield maximum value and scalable growth.


Buy-Sell-swap your assets globally with anyone without any hassle with just one click.

Lend & Borrow

Lend & borrow the real-world assets without any intermediaries..


Increase your potential ROI with advanced NFT market practices by leveraging real-world assets.

Double Yield

First protocol to bring the continuous double yield on your investments through smart algorithmic contracts.

Used at scale Easily integrated

Real-World Assets

Tokenize your Real-world assets to bring them on-chain via NFT and induce liquidity in them via Pandora

Digital Assets

Get insured your any digital NFT and have the benefits of double yield via Pandora Protocol

Social Tokens

Tokenize your social skills in the form of NFT and make it tradable cross-chain on DEX

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